Pelican Type Foundry exists to study typefounding and associated equipment in a practical setting. Its mission is to keep the knowledge alive in the human mind as well as through written documentation both on paper and digital. The future of Pelican Type Foundry is yet to be written but will include some method of passing on current knowledge and, at the appropriate time, its equipment to a new generation of casters.

Pelican Type Foundry is not a non-profit institution at this time, but the business model is not for monitory endeavors or supporting the livelihood of its creator. Any monetary gain is to be used for furthering the mission and growing beyond the current walls. Pelican Type Foundry is debt free and self-sustaining, with ongoing costs kept to a minimum to help secure its perpetual future.

Pelican Type Foundry is not in business full time, but castings and work are set as the creator has time. Projects can be requested and will be completed on a case by case basis, and items for immediate sale in the store will be stocked as often as possible.  Shipping will be 5 days a week, Monday – Friday.

Items for sale will include: type that has been cast at Pelican Type foundry, type from other foundries as acquired, parts for casters, and other letterpress goods.

Future monetary investments will include, but are not limited to: various types of casters, matrix making equipment, matrices and parts. Should you have any of these items for sale let me know!

Pelican Type Foundry
Pelican Type Foundry is located in Pensacola, Florida where pelicans roam the shores of the beaches. Currently the equipment lineup includes two Thompsons, a Giant Caster and a Nuernberger-Rettig Universal Type Maker. Matrix holdings include Monotype mats from The Herold newspaper in Main, the ornaments collection from Quaker City Type Foundry, a large collection of Linotype mats from Don Black Linecasting and the remainder of their Monotype mats.

The Beginnings
Pelican Type Foundry began its journey in 2016. It started with two old rusty typecasters that were about to be destroyed along with the building they were in. After a rescue operation and much advice from Greg Walters, Rich Hopkins, and Sky Shipley the two typecasters came to life and began producing type once again.

Training on the Giant
In 2016 I received training from Greg Walters on the Giant Caster. We spent the day casting 72pt Cloister Initials. Greg also supplied me with some missing parts for the Giant Caster I was restoring. In addition to those parts, I received many matrix holders from Rich Hopkins.

Training on the Thompson

In 2019 I attended Thompson Tech VIII hosted by Skyline Type Foundry, LLC. In this class, Sky Shipley and Troy Groves spent the week training us to use and maintain the Thompson Type Caster.